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Get qualified leads
Build a digital presence
Increase your revenue

We handle all the marketing for your small home improvement business, following our unique VISIONARY method. You only have to provide the best service out there.

3 Steps for your success


#1 Discovery

We engage in a conversation with you to understand your objectives.


Next, we assess your existing social media footprint, determining the optimal approach to tailor your digital marketing strategy.


#2 Customized Solution

We create a customized marketing solution, based on your home improvement business.

You might need Google or Facebook Ads. You might need automations. You might need social media posting.

We understand and can handle it all!



Now, we launch the customized solution, following the VISIONARY method. Not long after our testing period, leads will be coming in hot!


Rest assured, we vet and qualify each lead, sparing you the need to expend your valuable operational resources.



Our proven VISIONARY method ensures a consistent flow of leads and a strong digital presence for your business especially if it is in the niche of architecture and interior design studios.

(On our introduction session, you will receive a guide with detailed steps that you can follow on your own)



Value Proposition

Clearly define your unique value proposition to attract the right customers.


Ideal Customer Profile

Develop a deep understanding of your ideal customer to target your marketing efforts effectively.


Strategic Content

Developing content that resonates with the target audience is a key driver of engagement.


Inbound Marketing

This is the the engine that propels qualified leads toward any business. You should not let "the big waves" push in the corner.

Outbound Marketing

Outreach strategies that go beyond mere communication build relationships by addressing individual needs and preferences



Nurture Leads

Crucial for guiding prospects through the sales funnel. You need to ensure that leads receive timely and relevant information


Analyze and Adjust

Being data driven ca be the only way to enhance your lead generation. You can't change what you don't measure.


Research Constantly

Either lead the market or be led. There is no other way around that.


Yield Results

Dedicated focus on results and celebrating success stories is essential for any business


This is our unique


It ensures

consistent lead flow.


Successful for interior

design studios. 


Not just Facebook ads.

Not just Instagram

or Google ads.

Not just posting weekly.


Failing VISIONARY method

yields average results.

We do not accept average results!

Why choose US?

DeqVision is the agency, specialized in digital marketing and leads outreach.

We've helped small business owners in the home improvement niche, by generating leads for them through digital marketing and then qualifying those leads by reaching out directly.


AVERAGE lead generation results

Works with all kinds of niches

Blames bad results on low budget

Hands you the leads and their job ends there

Doesn't think about your overall business strategy


Getting leads is never a problem

We focus on the home improvement niche

We understand you may not have a high budget

Leads get qualified by a call/email/SMS from us

There is a bigger picture - it's not only marketing

Case Study #1

Increase in Social Media Followers


Increase in New Leads


Increase on Reach




Market: Bulgaria

Revolutionising interior design lead generation with Facebook funnels

Driving Client Acquisition and Brand Growth through Strategically Developed Facebook Ads

The challenge

NH Design Studio struggled with generating a consistent pipeline of leads and had difficulty finding clients online. Previously, their client base grew primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. Additionally, NH Design Studio had never run ads on Meta platforms, starting from scratch, despite having a well-developed social media presence.

Our solution

We implemented a comprehensive funnel structure on Facebook, strategically targeting the exact audience with well-crafted ads that directed potential clients to the designer’s website. We focused on capturing high-quality traffic through special custom events. Following this, we created custom audiences and targeted them at the bottom of the funnel to convert them into potential clients. This was achieved by encouraging them to complete a detailed form about their design needs and project specifics.

image (4).png

The Impact

Our efforts resulted in over 37 leads within just 40 days of starting our collaboration. The standout statistic of this strategy was not just the number of leads but the rapid acquisition rate. Additionally, the click-through rate (CTR) was 3.19%, surpassing industry averages and significantly boosting brand visibility and engagement.

image (3).png
image (2).png
image (1).png

Case Study #2


Increase in Social Media Followers


Increase in New Leads


Increase on Engagement



Service + eCommerce

Market: Bulgaria

Transforming solar panel sales with engaging Facebook funnels

Boosting Solar Energy Sales with Strategic and Interactive Facebook Ads, Elevating Brand Awareness and Engagement.

The challenge

The company lacked consistent content, was not utilizing Facebook advertisements, and had poor brand awareness in the middle region of Bulgaria.

Our solution

We implemented a comprehensive funnel structure on Facebook, with engaging creatives and a multi-tiered ad strategy. At the top of the funnel, we ran educational and awareness ads to drive traffic to Energy Flow’s social media and website. The middle funnel consisted of engaging ads that generated a lot of interaction, including comments, shares, and likes. The bottom funnel featured form submission ads that effectively captured leads. We optimized the creatives to ensure high engagement and implemented a content strategy to maintain consistency. This approach ensured that users were well-informed and engaged at each stage of the funnel, ultimately driving conversions.


Mid funnel Winning reel 3_edited.jpg


Top funnel winning reel_edited.jpg



The Impact

Our efforts resulted in over 300 leads and a significant increase in lead generation. The click-through rate (CTR) exceeded industry averages, significantly boosting brand visibility and engagement.

case studies.png

Case Study #3


number of sales


Increase on reach


Increase on traffic


Untitled (200 x 200 px).png


Market: France

Tripling home improvement e-Commerce sales with enhanced product pages

Revolutionizing product presentation and unique selling points

The challenge

7Dpanels, an e-commerce business in France, needed to improve their product presentation and customer engagement. The existing platform lacked quality images, detailed product descriptions, and an FAQ section, leading to customer confusion and missed sales opportunities.

Our solution

We migrated 7Dpanels’ website to Shopify and enhanced over 100 product descriptions with high-quality images and detailed information. We created and managed Facebook and Instagram pages, posting consistently to educate customers about the products. Additionally, we launched Google Performance Max (Pmax), search, and display campaigns to drive traffic and increase visibility. Our strategy involved directing traffic from Facebook to the website and retargeting visitors with Google Shopping campaigns. We ensured that every ad was optimized for engagement and conversion, leveraging both social media and search engines to maximize reach.

W53 - 2 posts.png
W53 - 1 posts.png

The Impact

Our efforts led to a nearly 300% increase in calls and purchases. The improved website and targeted ad campaigns significantly boosted customer engagement and sales.

Home Improvement - Website trafic and engagement_edited_edited.png

Previous & Current Partners

  • How do you measure results?
    We will lay down a list of key points which are important for your business and we will be always guided by them.
  • What are your prices?
    Because each business has its own unique needs, our pricing is customized according to the project's complexity and scope. Contact us at, and we'll give you a detailed price estimate.
  • When the results will start coming?
    Typically results start to hit around the 3-6 months after you start working with us.
  • Do you work clients across the globe?
    Yes, although our headquarters are in Europe, we serve clients worldwide and operate in almost every region across the globe.
  • What do you do exactly?
    Our primary focus is on executing a comprehensive digital marketing transformation for businesses, integrating various digital marketing tools to establish a reliable stream of qualified leads.
  • What is the process to start working with you?
    After only 2 meetings we will be able to understand your business and gauge the effectiveness of our services. Within approximately two days, we can know if our collaboration will be possible.

Our Values

Book a free introductory session now:

Goal of the session?

  1. Give you free advice

  2. Share our unique VISIONARY method guide

  3. Understand if we can help with your business growth

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