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Don't let bad marketing sink your small business like it did my first one.

I'm Veselin Kostov and I'm here to get you to the next level in your digital marketing journey.

What's Your Situation?

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I want to do my marketing



(3-Month Program)

  • Marketing know-how

  • Step-by-step plan

  • 1:1 consultations

  • 24/7 support


I want my marketing done for me



(Marketing Agency)

  • Marketing done for you

  • Unique method of work

  • Customized solution

  • Full strategy

Why Should You Trust Me?

I don’t have a marketing degree.
Nor did I enroll in any fancy courses online.
Haven’t read 100 books about marketing either.

I’m a practitioner. Not a theorist.

I’ve learned the core components of digital marketing while operating my first business. It was a hands-on education that no classroom or textbook could replicate.

Shortly after my first business failed, I decided to turn to what always motivated me.

Being part of the growth of a new or small business.

And now here I am - ready to guide your digital marketing efforts, or take care of all of it for you through my marketing agency, DeqVision.

Ready for the next level in your marketing?

Book a free intro session:

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