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Are you a solar or HVAC business owner?

Learn what you need to do before you start advertising your e-commerce store

(optimising your e-commerce store for successful advertising)


Benefits of having a strategy
before advertising your e-commerce store?


Knowing the key aspects of your business helps you make informed decisions.


Implementing a professional digital marketing plan can lead to improved results.


By knowing what needs to be done, you can allocate resources more efficiently.


Knowing the fundamentals allows you to adapt to changes that may hinder sales

The ultimate goal is to place yourself in front of customers who are willing to buy, and make sure nothing stops them to do so on your website. This is done through a series of actions, such as optimizing your website, researching keywords and last but not least - planning your budget.

There are different marketing tools you could utilize, such as Google Ads, and more specifically - Search campaigns. Then there also other types of campaigns that should be utilized, such as Shopping, Retargeting (Display), and Performance Max. If you prefer to use Meta Ads (Facebook/Instagram) for your e-commerce store, then you can replace “researching keywords” with creating unique and eye-catching ad designs. Nowadays, the creative in a Facebook (or Instagram) ad is key to social media success.

Who are we to say this?

We are a digital marketing agency, specialized in online advertisement and marketing strategy

We've helped business owners just like you succeed, be it through Facebook/Instagram Ads or through Google Advertising. The key components for their success were:


Having a proper e-commerce advertising strategy is a must-have to get more sales


Being on top of the competition and showcasing what they do better


Understanding that every one of their digital ads must have a clear plan leading to clients


Following an innovative and unique approach that is proven to bring results

Are you ready to learn what needs to be done before you start advertising?

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